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How it works

Offer our services

Just because you may not know how to create building manuals or management systems, it doesn’t mean you cannot upsell extra services to your clients.

We do the work

We can create building manuals for your clients and manage their buildings on our own servers ourselves, or grant you access.

Increase your profits

Offering extra services not only gives your clients more consumer choice over your competitors but also increases your profits.


Many organisations that try to do everything in house don't realise the benefits of delegating tasks to specialists:


Increase the revenue from your projects.

Costs & Time

Save without having to allocate the time, resources or training yourselves.

Consumer Choice

Offer more services than your competitors.


All work is done in house, nationwide coverage & complies with UK laws.

Repeat Business

Our manuals & management systems are intuitive and simple, and if your client is satisfied then they may return to you for more work.


Work often completed quickly & are able to meet strict deadlines (although sometimes depends if contractors supply information in time!).

Resource Availability

When staff are unavailable (e.g. when ill), we are an option for completing a job.

Specialised Expertise

Our core competencies focus on building manuals & management, thus you can focus on your own competencies while accessing our expertise.


We can adapt our services to suit your needs (i.e. if you only require a small amount of work outsourced).

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