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The Problem with Traditional Manuals

The old format of traditional O&M manuals is outdated and was built upon old technologies only present at that time. There are negative limitations which can typically lead to a number of problems:

Lost or Destroyed

Hard copies can mistakenly be misplaced, discarded or lost in transit.

Outdated Information

As different sections are updated by different departments, some hard copies are often not updated.


Updating and redistributing all hard copies takes a long time.

Impeded Coordination

Outdated and inaccessible information causes confusion between all parties, thus impeding collaboration.


Navigating through hard copies to find information can be tedious, time-consuming & overwhelming.

Limited Functionality

Paper manuals are not interactive and can only display printed information.


Not having an O&M manual ready means information cannot be accessed; our solution allows easy access from various devices.


Storing a manual takes up unnecessary space.

Our Solution

Online O&M Manuals

Our solution to the problems of paper based manuals is by going online. Using technology over traditional paper manuals facilitates accessibility, makes updating information easier and offers more functionality.

We saw an opportunity to improve the way buildings are managed and have created our own online building management system that integrates all information (from O&M manuals, H&S files, drawings, etc) into one convenient place. It has been designed for intuitive use by all parties, and to be as simple as possible to prevent incompatibility issues with mobile phones, browsers, etc, and serves as a useful tool for our clients.

More Advanced

Using information from an O&M manual that we have created, or from an existing manual, we can create an advanced online version of that manual that is fully integrated with any document associated with it. We can also make more than just an O&M manual, where we can add more directories for other data (such as drawings).

You're in Control

The manual will be hosted on our servers (i.e. yourname.pulseom.co.uk) with SSL encryption (https) to encrypt confidential data packets to protect against unauthorised users. We can create password protected user logins to allow you to grant access to authorised users, or restrict their access to only some parts of the website. It’s your own secure extranet: an internal network only accessible by authorised persons via our authentication system.


Our solution not only solves the problems with traditional O&M manuals but has additional benefits:


Easier online access, accessible from multiple devices or while on the move.


Waste no time finding information by using the search engine or navigation menu.


Our simple structure makes it easy to use by all parties, with no training required.


Create usernames & passwords, with the option of restricting access to some parts of the website for some users.


Everything conveniently in one place, broken down into simple parts (as most end users won't understand many elements of an O&M manual).


Easy to update or implement changes, with the history viewable on the updates log.


Has more features than an offline O&M Manual (e.g. open files & drawings, use the search engine, create users).


We can add any extra information, design new sections, or do whatever you'd like us to do.


We create private subdomains that are SSL encrypted, protecting your data from unauthorised use & giving peace of mind.


Intangible data storage, thus no need for physical paperwork or CDs (unless wanted).


Our problem-free system is fully compatible with standard web browsers (on a PC or mobile) & does not crash.

Find Out More

We can also make more advanced changes for you if you are looking for a complete building information maintenance package.


Take a head start and view the demo, or get in touch with us for a quote & to see how it can be tailor made to suit your needs.

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