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O&M Manuals

A comprehensive dossier of information

Operation and maintenance manuals for building owners and facilities managers.

Our Operation and Maintenance Manuals Explained

What are O&M Manuals

An operation and maintenance (O&M) manual is a comprehensive dossier that provides the owner and associated parties with instructions and information pertaining to the maintenance or operation of any element of the building. This includes anything from its components (windows or doors), to its infrastructure (e.g. power facilities, lighting or heating), to its equipment (e.g. washing machines), legal procedures (e.g. health and safety) and much more.

O&M manuals are part of a handover that compiles information from all parties who were involved in the building’s initial construction or refurbishment. Getting the O&M manual right from the start will save time and costs in the long run while preventing headaches.

Our Manuals

We make our O&M manuals intuitive, so that they can be easily understood by all parties without any necessary training. We work from the bottom up, firstly collating information from all parties (the subcontractors, suppliers, etc), and then categorising it accordingly. We then use our technical knowledge to complete the more complex parts.

What we can do

There are many different options to consider when creating an O&M manual:


As chartered authorising engineers, we have the experience to create any type of O&M manual, such as:

  • electrical O&M manuals
  • mechanical O&M manuals
  • public health O&M manuals
  • online O&M manuals


At the very minimum we create a soft copy (a PDF file), and can create:

  • basic hard copies (a paper printout & CD)
  • a more advanced online manual, facilitating management and offering additional functionality


We can also:

  • rewrite or finish existing or incomplete manuals
  • convert existing paper to digital or online manuals
  • create your clients' manuals (outsourcing)

What we need from you

To be able to make the operation and maintenance manual, we will need the following details:

  • Project name
  • Project deadline
  • Project value
  • Number of contractors
  • Contact details of contractors
  • Type of O&M manual required

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