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Building Information Maintenance

Keeping Everything Up-to-date

Implement new information or changes to help maintain your facilities and facilitate building operations.

Changes are essential

Why changes are important

Building management is an ongoing process that requires efficient maintenance to facilitate operations. New information should be made available to all parties, where changes should be implemented in good time. Changes are typically required following construction works, extensions, refurbishments, new layouts, or for various reasons.

“When changes occur to the building concerned or when new information comes available, all copies of the maintenance guides should be amended; and they should be reviewed annually." - BS8210: 1986 - British Standards Institution

Incoherence between updated information and accessibility impedes collaboration between all parties, thus reducing efficiency.

What needs maintaining

Informational updates are required following changes to a building, which may include changing the following:

How we can help

We can work with your contacts to implement all necessary changes for your convenience, including updating any of the above. The end result will be you and your contacts having easy access to all of the latest building information.

Since we understand the importance of changes, we have also developed our own building maintenance system, which is specifically designed to allow changes and easy accessibility by all parties. We can build a customised building maintenance system for you and implement all changes ourselves for your convenience.

What we can maintain

We can update any of the following for you:


We can edit floor plans following changes to a building layout or its construction.


We can amend or overwrite any existing files with new information provided by any party.


Paper or online O&M manuals, H&S files & building log books can be updated & redistributed.

Web directories

New sections of the online manual can be made upon request (e.g. for a new building).

Logins & Restrictions

New users can be added & access restricted for some users (of the online manual).

We may also be able to maintain any other information or assets you have, beyond the above.


Letting us maintain your building will allow you to have up-to-date information that is accessible to all your contacts while you keep control.


Get in touch to find out how we can maintain your specific requirements.